What beautiful and versatile hair rings/ropes can be recommended?


Now the hair is becoming more and more precious, and the time to use the hair rope is not much! Hurry up and use it.

It's super French. The satin is very advanced, elegant and textured.

The head rope can also have seasons! Meet the occasion. 

The headband is really easy to lose! Especially easy to lose! When you want to use it, you can never find it. When you don't want to use it, it's really painful!

The favorite of youth!

Fried chicken has texture, rainbow color, simplicity and personality~

Stir fried chicken is a bit of a forest style.

The telephone line is unfailing, fashionable and does not leave marks. It is very good for hair, and also very good for hair binding~

It can't be wrong to prepare more.

The leather band like the telephone line has little effect on the hair, but it can't be tied too tightly. And you should pay attention to the hair binding. You must tie the hair after it is dry, or it will leave a mark.

No one does not plant grass for pig intestines

Fried chicken is gentle and elegant~full of elasticity, and the texture is very good~

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