Do you know how to wear a brooch?


A brooch is very special for women. A small brooch can be a symbol of the status of royalty and nobility; It can also be the diplomatic language of celebrities and politicians, a footnote to their aura and demeanor; It can also be a precious token given to a loved one, wearing jewelry on their chest and imprinting love in their hearts.

Although nowadays brooches are mostly exclusive jewelry for women, tracing their origins, brooches were first worn by men! It is said that various missionaries, eminent monks, and others in history have worn brooches as a religious symbol or talisman, and wearing them can bring good luck.

The popularity of brooches among women is thanks to the renowned Empress Eugenie! She is a passionate jewelry enthusiast who has discovered the beauty of brooches, with over 2000 various types of brooches, sparking a wave of brooch wearing.

Seven ways to wear a brooch

Sometimes, wearing the right brooch is more important than wearing the right clothes. It can directly reflect the wearer's taste and lifestyle. Wearing it well immediately leads to a burst of temperament, while wearing it poorly can lower the grade.

01 Decorative clothing

The most classic function of a brooch is to decorate clothes, usually embellished on the left side of the chest. This is also the most formal way to wear a brooch, showcasing a woman's elegant temperament while adding a proud aura, and is often used in formal occasions.

In addition to showcasing one's aura, a brooch can also appear lively and vibrant. Just choose a brooch with interesting shapes and rich colors.

If you want to create a capable temperament of "urban white-collar", you can choose a simple and compact metal brooch

Mature women can wear more textured brooches, such as those inlaid with pearls, diamonds, and jade

02 Decorative neckline

In recent years, it has been very popular to wear shirts with decorative necklines. In fact, pinning a brooch to the collar of a shirt can achieve the same effect, and the patterns can be changed at will.

You can also attach a brooch in the middle of the collar of a white shirt or solid colored sweater, looking like a bow tie, both simple and elegant.

03 Paired with scarf and shawl

Every autumn and winter, it is the world of scarves and shawls. As long as a brooch is lightly adorned, ordinary scarves immediately appear exquisite.

Scarves and brooches, not to mention, double the delicacy! There is both temperature and grace.

04 acts as a waist decoration

A brooch can also serve as a waist accessory, especially suitable for pairing with solid colored clothes! Solid colored clothes can easily expose the shortcomings of the body (such as a small belly), while buttoning the brooch on the side waist can break the horizontal visual trend and no longer appear "bloated".

05 embellishment hat

In Europe in the 1920s, wearing a brooch on a hat was a very fashionable practice, which was deeply loved by wealthy women at the time. Everyone could also follow suit and use small brooches to add luster and color to the overall shape.

06 as a hair accessory

A brooch can also serve as a substitute for hair accessories, suitable for curling hair, appearing elegant and dignified. Attending annual gatherings and banquets can definitely stand out among the crowd.

07 Decorative bags and handbags

The brooch can also be decorated on bags and handbags, playful and cute. It should be made of non leather and preferably not too expensive