Union Grand Successfully Held the Third Supplier Conference


On November 11th, the second anniversary celebration and supplier conference of Union Grand was held in Sellers Union Building. The members of the core team and over 70 supplier representatives attended the conference. Patrick Xu, the president of Sellers Union Group, Charly Chen, the vice president  of the group, and Kenny Shao, the general manager of Union Grand attended the conference.

Brief Introduction

Founded on November 11th, 2018, Union Grand now owns nearly 100 employees. We have 20 product categories such as outdoor products, furniture, hardware & tools and office supplies. We provide customers with high-quality products in North America, Europe and South America. So far, we have maintained stable  relationship with over 550 domestic suppliers, which are mainly located in Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Shandong, Fujian, Jiangxi and Guangdong.

In 2020, Union Grand has achieved  significant development with yearly business performance doubled. In the near future,  Union Grand aims to develop Japanese market and form a business layout dominated by developed countries including the United States, Europe, and Japan.

Current Problems & Solutions 

● Suppliers do not know enough about our payment process

● The sharp rise in purchase price

● The delay of delivery time

●  Arranging payment weekly

● Choosing reliable regular suppliers when considering new products 

● Split shipment to reduce suppliers' one-time expenses 

● Recalculating the cost of products with suppliers before suppliers raising the price

●Reducing costs on management, optimizing product structure, improving labor efficiency, upgrading and replacing raw materials to stabilize the product price without affecting appearance and function

●Timely delivery of shipment plan to suppliers so that they can have enough time to arrange production plan and purchase product parts

● Strengthening the tracking frequency of delivery time

● Timely adjustment of delivery date and delivery plan

Suppliers' Opinions 

After placing an order for the product, the situations of product quantity changes and delayed delivery should be avoided. Hope we can maintain long-term and stable cooperation  with Union Grand.

Future Considerations

Currently, Some cooperated high-quality suppliers have unique experience and advantages in independent product design and development, self-opeated e-commerce team and overseas marketing channels construction. Union Grand will actively learn from these suppliers and grow with them together. Hope that we can explore more possibilities and space with suppliers.

Meanwhile, the group has emphasized the importance and necessity of anti-corruption and integrity in business cooperation, we hope to create a good business cooperation environment with suppliers.

At the end of the conference, Patrick Xu, the president of the group, made a speech. Patrick pointed out that this year could be regarded as the first year of the remarkable development of cross-border e-commerce. Union Grand has seized the opportunity of online consumption growth to achieve dramatic increase by using rich product categories and mature platform operation experience. In the future, Union Grand is willing to work with high-quality suppliers to achieve the goal of creating a win-win and sharing business together.