How to choose pendants and necklaces


Although there are many differences between pendants and necklaces, they are always the same when choosing, that is, the best for you is the best! So how do you know if the style of pendants and necklaces is right for you? Let's take a look at the following selection methods.

The most important thing in choosing pendants and necklaces is to see what kind of face you belong to.

1. Oval face: This is recognized as the "most beautiful face shape". Friends with a delicate oval face can rest assured that no matter what style of pendant or necklace you choose, your temperament can be set off!

2. Round face: Jimei with round face should visually shape the visual effect of increasing the length of the face and decreasing the width. Therefore, rectangular and drop-shaped pendants will be very suitable; the necklace is also suitable for long.

3. Square face: The square face Jimei needs to weaken the excessive edges and corners of the face, so it is most appropriate to choose an atmospheric, simple and not low-key small pendant; the necklace is a V" shaped medium-length necklace.

4. Inverted triangle face: Jimei's chin on the inverted triangle face is too sharp. In order to avoid giving people the feeling of wide upper and narrow bottom, it is suitable to wear pendants with "the lower edge is larger than the upper edge", such as fan-shaped, drop-shaped, etc.; and short necklaces Necklaces with horizontal stripes can also help soften facial lines.

The above is just to choose pendants and necklaces from the face shape. Don’t forget, it’s best to shop around when shopping for jewelry, and pay attention to the color and hardness of the jewelry itself.