Earring shopping guide


People with big faces or high cheekbones are all skillful in buying earrings. The combination of face shape and earrings can enhance the overall temperament of a person. If you match it casually, it may affect the overall effect. This will teach you to choose accessories according to the face shape. Tips for earrings.

Big face: round earrings should not be used for big face girls. It is best to wear larger earrings or triangular, drop-shaped earrings with large upper and lower sides, which can reduce the broadness of the cheeks and visually lengthen the face.


Square face: A square face requires visual softening of facial lines. Appropriate to choose flower-shaped, heart-shaped, oval-shaped earrings, which can relax and modify the diamond corners of the face, and reduce the shortcomings of too obvious facial lines.


Long face: It is best to use round earrings that are close to the ears to reduce the longitudinal extension. Like button-shaped earrings and stud earrings are good choices.


Heart-shaped face (that is, a face with a sharp chin): suitable for wearing earrings with circles and rounded edges.


Guazi face: You can choose earrings with a wide lower end and a narrow upper end to balance the feeling of a pointed chin. Drop-shaped, triangular or ear studs are all suitable, but if it is an "inverted triangle" with a wide upper end and a narrow upper end, it is still a thousand Never try.


Oval face: Oriental women's traditional standard face shape, almost any shape of earrings can be worn, but also pay attention to the size of the earrings to match your overall feeling, and match your body shape, hair shape and clothing to move.