For women in their 30s, what kind of jewelry should they wear to highlight the sense of luxury?


Jewelry belongs to accessories, its meaning is the finishing touch and a bonus item. So, what kind of jewelry/jewelry is high-end? And pricing can’t be as far-fetched as fine jewelry.

The pearls on the market are basically artificially cultured, but they are all natural materials, not bling bling but not good-looking materials such as imitation crystal. Pearls are the "queen" of gemstones and have a long history.

Pearls do not need to have complicated and complicated designs, and they look good when they are simple. This means that firstly, precious metal accessories will not become very expensive, and secondly, the style will not be average due to lack of aesthetics or budget. As long as the quality of pearls is good enough, the style is very simple and high-end.


There are many types of pearls, and wealth and frugality are determined by people.

According to the cultured water, pearls include seawater pearls and freshwater pearls. Seawater pearls are generally more rounded and lustrous, and freshwater pearls also have many very good ones. my country is the largest producer of freshwater pearls, and the price is also advantageous.

According to the color, the body color is white, black, gold, orange, purple and so on. There are also secondary colors on the surface of the pearl, such as the girlish pink that is common in Akoya pearls, the cool silver of Australian white pearls, the most popular peacock green on the surface of South Sea black pearls, and so on.

According to the shape, there are round beads, flat beads, drop-shaped pearls, hemispherical Mabe beads, etc., as well as baroque special-shaped pearls. Zhengyuan is the most popular and has the highest price.

In addition, the luster of the pearl surface is also strong or weak, which will also affect the price. The surface of the pearl with strong luster can see the portrait, the clearer the higher the quality.