The difference between the types of makeup brushes


Makeup brushes are divided according to types, including animal hair and fiber hair. The difference between the two is that animal hair has scales on it. Think about our own hair, which also has scales. The fibrous hair itself has no scales, and the cutting is also machine-cut rather than natural growth. Looking at the structure of the scales, it is piece by piece. It can be seen that animal hair is better at grasping powder.

It is not recommended to apply eye shadow by hand, because the hands will secrete oil and sweat, which will make the eye shadow epidermis agglomerate, and the eye shadow will become uncolored, especially the pearl and sequin eye shadow.

Since there are scales on animal hair, it is easy to grasp the powder, and the release powder is slowly released from the scales, so the smudge ability is very good, so animal hair is often used for eye makeup, and animal hair is also used for blush brushes.

Because the fiber hair is smoother and does not absorb powder, it is suitable for liquid or paste products, such as foundation concealer. But it doesn't mean that all concealer brushes and foundation brushes are made of fibrous hair. According to the stiffness of animal hair, some animal hairs can also be used as foundation concealer brushes.

The loose powder brush for dry skin is suitable for fibrous hair, and the loose powder brush for oily skin is suitable for animal hair, because the loose powder brush for animal hair will not turn into wisps of oil on the face, and the hair will not stick together.

Fiber hair, if it is used for concealer, it will be relatively hard.

Because the scales can catch powder and release powder better, the painting will be more uniform, but the fiber hair sticks to the powder. Due to the smooth surface structure of the hair, the first brush will be very heavy, and there will be less powder behind, which is not easy. painted evenly.