Why can't the air-cushion comb come into contact with water?


Why can't the air-cushion comb come into contact with water? In response to this problem, many of the delicate girls below will have doubts, and someone who comes over will tell you the reason, so that you can use it more and more! I'll give you a detailed explanation below, and I hope to answer your questions!

1. The air cushion comb has the function of massaging the scalp. The bottom is hollowed out. If you wash with water, the water will not flow into the air comb. The water inside is hard to control. Moisture and mildew, and then contact with the scalp, will also have a bad effect on the body.

2. The air-cushion comb is easily covered by the hair, and it is difficult to wash off after getting wet. We can use toothpicks or tweezers to pick out the hair on the comb. It's a delicate job, and the average person may not be so patient.

3. The air cushion comb is very oily after combing the hair and cannot be washed directly with water. At this time, we cannot wash it with water, we need to wipe it with a special paper towel!

I use an air-bag air cushion comb at home. After using it, you will obviously find that the chance of hair loss is reduced by more than half, and the hair will become thicker and thicker, which can not only massage the scalp, but also reduce the amount of hair loss. The pressure on the scalp prevents the hair from knotting, prevents static electricity, and the most important thing is to clean it well.